SJT Rubber 12th Scale Tires FULL Set

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Rubber tires for 12th scale GT12 pan cars.


One set of 12th scale tires  Two Front Two Rear.


Ready to Race right out of the package

No Truing.

No Glueing.

No one run tires


Tire life: with 21.5 USGT Motor   3 hours + of NON Stop racing


Tire Diameter:

Front Tires 41mm

Rear Tires 42mm



Rubber tires are .4-.8 tenths slower per lap on most tracks. Dont expect to beat a foam car.

Use this time to appreciate the large sums of money you saved and never needing a tire truer again.


Starting Setup:

SXT 3.0 for 3 min wipe them off till the feel tacky on the paper towel otherwise they feel greasy for 3 laps

Zero reactive castor

1.5 degree camber

6 Degree Castor

.020 front srpings


Soft Center spring 35 wt oil

10k damper tubes

soft side springs

2mm rear droop

Spool on med to high bite   Ball diff on low bite  Avoid green tracks.


A12 setups:   just do your best!

3.00 (in)
6.00 (in)
  • High quality tires!
  • These tires are wicked Pissa.
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